About Laurie


I’m a writer, teacher and martial artist living in Asia. I’ve been teaching in Seoul for the past two years and this fall, I will move to China to study Shaolin full-time.

I’m the daughter of two parents who suffered greatly from mental disorders, alcoholism, depression and addiction. My mother spent much of my childhood in and out of mental institutions. I lost my father to alcoholism when I was twenty-one years old. I spent my twenties entrenched in grief and worked tirelessly to rise above it all and find healing.

Ultimately I triumphed, and these days lead a fulfilling life with wonderful earthy friends who make me laugh my ass off, beautiful relationships (romantic and not), and a growing career as a teacher and writer.

Because of my experiences, I’m deeply concerned with soul, spirit, and the internal workings of the individual. I write so that I can get to the heart of the matter, of whatever arises out of the warp and weft of life around me.

I write about travel, living abroad, creativity, philosophy, and soul. My goal is to help, encourage and inspire others to pursue their dreams and live their truth with courage.

Gone, gone, gone beyond- gone beyond beyond- hail the goer!

-The Heart Sutra