Dragon in Progress

Sketching out the enemy- a beginning

As I re-work draft one of my novel and wrangle it into a readable story, I’m re-imagining the enemy as a dragon.

I always think of dragons as good and had a hard time thinking of them as evil. But then, they represent chaos, and chaos and I have always danced quite close.

Writing compelling evil in a fantasy is much harder than I thought. The idea is, it’s a fantasy- do we really want to explore all the atrocities humans are capable of, when we read a fantasy?

Of course, I say this in the era of A Game of Thrones. But how much do want to explore the evils of life, how much do  want to break my reader’s hearts, or mess with their trust, the way George R. R. Martin does?

How much evil has to be done, to get the point across? That’s the question for any story, I guess.

That’s also the question for life. How much evil has to be done, before we wake up?

I guess that’s why we write stories- to find the answers to questions such as these.

4 thoughts on “Dragon in Progress

  1. We write stories with characters and in the process , we test our views on different situation these characters face. Its like you are finding yourself through characters and situations

  2. Whatever the character is — whether it be evil or good, dragon or non-dragon — it must be a full-fledged character. Usually, our characters grow beyond that which they originally symbolized as we conceived them. An intrinsically evil character will remain evil, but he or she will also become more than that — if we do not constrain them. They start writing their own story and will surprise us.

    1. Yes I agree! My main characters surprise me a lot as they grow and make choices different from my original plans- but evil characters stump me. I like how you say an evil character will become *more*- I will keep that in mind as I continue writing!

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