Transitions and Transcience


Ah, life in a state of flux! I’ve missed this. 🙂

My name is Laurie. I’m from Connecticut but have lived in Ashland, Oregon for the past ten years. If you’ve found this blog then you probably already know me, but I thought I’d give a little background.

I’m a restless soul and living in a small town for ten years has been hard on my heart. I meant to live in Ashland for only a year or two but a number of things- mainly lack of money and lack of confidence- kept me there much longer than I intended.

Don’t get me wrong: Ashland is a beautiful town with gorgeous mountains and forests, bright golden afternoons, blazing red sunsets and at night, a sky full of diamond-cold stars. During my tenure as an Ashlander, I climbed mountains, ran through pear orchards, and swam in crystal clear lakes and rivers. I learned how to ride and train horses, how to cook traditional Italian, Indian and Thai food, how to make killer espresso drinks, how to maintain and do basic repairs on a bicycle, how to remodel a kitchen and bathroom, how to grow a garden with sunflowers that nearly reach the roof. I’ve painted, played classical and flamenco guitar, written three books (not published- yet!), danced tango, ballet and bellydance, practiced yoga and meditation, and sang my heart out. I’ve titrated, extracted, synthesized and researched. I’ve mentored children, planted trees, and brought meals to grieving families. I’ve fallen in love and met amazing, incredible people who have inspired me in too many ways to count, and I’ve beheld incredible beauty, both natural beauty of the earth and beauty of the human soul.

Living in Ashland for so long allowed me to absorb that beauty and carry it in my heart, forever inspired, and is part of what makes me able to walk through all my days with a calm like the eye of a hurricane and a deep, abiding sense of purpose and destiny.

Leaving this chapter behind is not yet bittersweet: I’m too relieved at having been able to disappear into the world again. But it would be wrong of me to leave my experiences in Ashland invalidated, even though I feel this move has been too long in coming.

The picture of me above was taken in the bay area, my last stop before arriving in Seoul. I helped my boyfriend pack up all of his belongings and move down here before saying goodbye: to him, to my cat, to my home, to everything and everyone I’ve grown so close to in Ashland; to America, and my loved ones back east who keep a huge part of my heart always in New England.

Ah! I did not mean for this post to be so sentimental! Ah well. It is the nature of such a topic. I promise my future posts will be more fun as I update on my crazy adventures in a totally new city!

With love,


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